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We are here to make teeth whitening easy, comfortable and affordable.

Easy - One appointment, instant results. No more trying to do it on your own, with messy trays right before bed, and hoping your teeth look whiter, even though you cant really tell night after night.

Comfortable - We use an all natural product with no preservatives, designed to keep your teeth from screaming and shouting after getting them whitened. Relax in our massaging chairs and take an hour to sit back and recharge, all while leaving with whiter teeth.

  Affordable - We offer a very competitive rate that provides instant results. In-office whitening in a dental office can cost anywhere from 400-700 dollars. It can leave your teeth very sensitive, and we have found that most dentists don’t even like to offer in-office whitening. They will provide trays so you can take them home and do it yourself.



Our Services in denver


Laser Teeth Whitening 

60 mins of bleaching  ( 1.5 hour appointment

3 - 20 minute back-to-back whitening sessions.  Three sessions ensures that we reach deep down to the dentin layer of the teeth to bring out the whitest smile possible.  A new layer of bleach is placed every 20 minutes.    

Laser Teeth Whitening touch-up

40 mins of bleaching ( 1 hour appointment)

2 - 20 minutes sessions to get your teeth back on track to looking their finest.  

Whitening Pen

One of our favorite products! It can be used during the day to keep those teeth white after meals or drinks that tend to stain our teeth   

Desensitizing and remineralizing pen

For people with sensitive teeth, this pen helps remineralize the enamel and prevents teeth from becoming translucent, which occurs with many other whitening products on the market

Take Home Maintenance Kit


This includes the whitening pen, desensitizing pen and bleaching gel with a standard tray to keep your teeth sparkling white


What to expect at your appointment:

Welcome to a whole new experience of getting your teeth whitened. We are not a dental office, so don’t expect to wait for ever to be seen here! Our clients are our priority. Your appointment will usually last a little longer than one hour. As you relax on one of our massaging chairs, we will guide you through the process of the appointment.

Vitamin E oil is used throughout the appointment to help keep gums and lips hydrated. As we start, we will place vitamin E on your lips and gums and place a cheek retractor to get a nice clear view of your teeth. We use a tooth shade guide to record your shade starting point. Most people improve by 5 or 6 shades, and some as much as 12 to 14 shades. We use a small brush applicator to apply an all natural, food grade hydrogen peroxide to your teeth. Once the gel is applied, an LED blue light is used to help increase the speed at which the bleaching occurs. The light is placed and a timer is set for 20 minutes. During the 20 minutes we check on you and make sure you are always comfortable. At no time during the appointment should you ever feel pain. After the 20 minutes are up, the get is simply rinsed off with water, and the process is repeated 2 more times. An after shade is then determined, to see how much those teeth have change colors, our favorite part. We recommend not to eat for 2 hours after the appointment and to drink plenty of water to rehydrate those teeth, which also helps with any minor sensitivity that may occur. Stick to a white food diet for 24 hours. Come back for a touch-up when you feel like you need one, and also think about purchasing a take home maintenance kit to keep those teeth white throughout the year.


Email us at alli@whitenowteethwhitening.com

We are located at:

7484 E 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80238 (right behind the Blue Creek Spa and Four Friends Kitchen)

phone: 724-491-2250



Click here to book a session for Laser Teeth Whitening

Click here to book a session for Laser Teeth Whitening

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Click here to book a touch-up session