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A teeth whitening solution for everyone is finally here!  Dental health is important and we all need check-ups yearly, if not twice a year.  But how many people want to actually pay for an exam and x-rays when they really just want to get their teeth white.  Teeth whitening has come a long way over the years and is a procedure that can be done out of the "traditional" dental office.  Dental equipment is expensive and so is getting dental work done.  Teeth whitening doesn't have to be that way, and it continues to be one of the most requested procedures in the dental office.  WhiteNow Teeth Whitening is providing a way for one and all to come get their teeth white without paying the $500-600 dollar price tag that most dental offices charge for in-house teeth whitening. 

As a local dentist in the community, I see the frustration that patients have when it comes to teeth whitening and the options they have.  I have found that by offering teeth whitening outside of the traditional dental office, the price to whiten goes down dramatically and the patient can still have great results without all of the sensitivity that comes with extremely high levels of hydrogen peroxide that some dentists use.  Our laser teeth whitening process uses a gel that is 100% all natural, FDA approved, and is plant and mineral based.  Many dental offices are already using bleaching systems with same percent of hydrogen peroxide we use, because it helps the amount of tooth sensitivity that occurs afterwards.  We are here to help you have a great smile and save money  in the process.  We will always have a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you are not pleased with your results.  



Our Services


Laser Teeth Whitening 

60 mins of bleaching  ( 1.5 hour appointment

3 - 20 minute back-to-back whitening sessions.  Three sessions ensures that we reach deep down to the dentin layer of the teeth to bring out the whitest smile possible.  A new layer of bleach is placed every 20 minutes.    

Laser Teeth Whitening touch-up

40 mins of bleaching ( 1 hour appointment)

2 - 20 minutes sessions to get your teeth back on track to looking their finest.  

Custom bleach trays (coming soon)

Whitening trays made just for your mouth. Take the impression during your visit and we’ll make the trays for you.

Whitening Pen

One of our favorite products! It can be used during the day to keep those teeth white after meals or drinks that tend to stain our teeth   

Desensitizing and remineralizing pen

For people with sensitive teeth, this pen helps remineralize the enamel and prevents teeth from becoming translucent, which occurs with many other whitening products on the market

Take Home Maintenance Kit


This includes the whitening pen, desensitizing pen and bleaching gel with a standard tray to keep your teeth sparkling white



Email us at marc@whitenowteethwhitening.com

We are located at:

7484 E 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80238 (right behind the Blue Creek Spa and Four Friends Kitchen)

phone: 724-491-2250



Click here to book a session for Laser Teeth Whitening

Click here to book a session for Laser Teeth Whitening

Click here to book a touch-up session

Click here to book a touch-up session

Click here if you would like to meet with us before whitening your teeth

Click here if you would like to meet with us before whitening your teeth