about us


We are here to make teeth whitening easy, comfortable and affordable.

Easy - One appointment, instant results. No more trying to do it on your own, with messy trays right before bed, and hoping your teeth look whiter, even though you cant really tell night after night.

Comfortable - We use an all natural product with no preservatives, designed to keep your teeth from screaming and shouting after getting them whitened. Relax in our massaging chairs and take an hour to sit back and recharge, all while leaving with whiter teeth.

  Affordable - We offer a very competitive rate that provides instant results. In-office whitening in a dental office can cost anywhere from 400-700 dollars. It can leave your teeth very sensitive, and we have found that most dentists don’t even like to offer in-office whitening. They will provide trays so you can take them home and do it yourself.